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Glossary - R


radial:  On the side of the radius which is the arm bone nearest the thumb.


radiculopathy:  Pain, numbness, and weakness in the distribution of a spinal nerve.


radiofrequency lesion:  A lesion of the nerve carried out with the controlled heat that is actuated by the administration of radiofrequency energy down a specialized needle.


RBRVS:  Resource-Based Relative Value Scale.  A federal-government-based method of assessing the work and training involved in a medical procedure for the purpose of proposing an appropriate relative charge or a price for the medical procedure.


referred pain:  Pain experienced at a location different from the injury causing the pain, usually due to neurologic relationships in the spinal cord.


reflex sympathetic dystrophy:  Abnormality of the autonomic nervous system causing burning pain, temperature and color changes in the skin, often associated with nerve irritation and nerve injury - see also Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


reinnervation:  The arrival of a new nerves to replace damaged nerves for the supply of muscle and skin.


rejection, immune:  An attack by the body on an implant.


relative value units (RVUs):  A numerical system for describing the value of a medical procedure for the purpose of assigning a price or charge.


resorbable suture or implant:  Meant to be dissolved naturally by the body.


retroperitoneal:  Tissues in the space between the posterior body wall and the  peritoneal cavity (containing the intestines).


retrospective review:  An analysis of outcome or success with a medical treatment based on reviewing medical records that were prepared without prior plan for carrying out research or a study.


Rolfing:  A type of manual treatment for health and/or to relieve pain.


rootlets:  The small initial branches of nerves arising in the spinal cord that join together to form nerve roots and ultimately peripheral nerves.