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Privacy Policy

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It is the policy of the website to avoid the collection of any personally identifiable patient or medical information. In the course of using this site, our web hosting provider, may, as a matter of routine software operations, record information about your IP address, your browser, and the referral route through which you arrived at this site. In addition, any searching functions you choose to employ to better utilize the site may lead to the recording of information about the items or words you have searched.

This information is collected and stored in aggregate anonymized form. It is the policy of this website to avoid the collection of any personally identifiable information. Should any such information be inadvertently collected, then it will be treated as secure privileged personal health information. In general compliance with HIPAA laws (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) any such information will be held on a strictly confidential basis. It will not be shared with any third party without your specific permission and approval. It will not be used for any research. Any personal information not strictly necessary for the routine operation and optimization of this web site and which may be inadvertently collected will be de-identified and destroyed.