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BMP: Biotechnolgy for Spinal Repair

Genes, Designer Proteins & Biomaterials:
The Role of Biotechnology in Spinal Surgery

Chapter 19

Biotechnology for Bone Fusion
with BMP and OP-1


(1)  – OP-1 protein is implanted at the site of fusion embedded in a collagen carrier. 

(2)  – OP-1 attracts stem cells from the blood stream to prepare for bone growth.

(3)  – The OP-1 protein provides instructions to the stem cells to commence work in forming new bone.

(4)  – The activated cells release other bone growth promoting signal proteins.

(5)  – Osteoblasts and osteoclast cells mature and begin the work of depositing calcium to generate strength.

(6)   – The bone remodels its own shape to optimize its ability to meet mechanical stress.

OP-1 illustration reprinted with permission of Stryker Biotech.

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