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Drostan-P 100 (Drostanolone Propionate) by Magnum Pharma: Train hard, stay harder!

Drostan-P 100 by Magnum Pharma is a popular anabolic steroid, which is really good for building muscle mass. It has gained its popularity because of the fact that it reduces catabolism and does not aromatize in any dosage. It is classified as an anabolic steroid with no side effects on lipid profile, which makes this steroid a good choice for athletes over forty when testosterone begins to diminish.

What Is Drostan-P 100?

Drostan-P 100 is an injectable steroid, which contains Drostanolone hormone. It is basically Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but it does not aromatize into Estrogen. This makes it one of the most powerful steroids with very low and no side effects at all! Side effects such as Gynecomastia or water retention do not appear when taking this steroid. The main benefit of this muscle building anabolic agent is its ability to increase strength without adding weight, so you can improve your lifting performance and gain more lean tissue mass with little effort.

Drostan-P 100

What are the benefits of Drostan-P 100?

There is no conversion into estrogen that means it has low toxicity and produces no side effects such as water retention or gynecomastia. Hence this steroid stimulates endogenous production of IGF-1 (growt hormone) even at relatively low doses and modern bodybuilder takes advantage of this fact. Those who train with weights already know that growth hormone is an essential substance for increasing strength and lean muscle mass, which is one of the goals of bodybuilders.

Drostan-P 100 has high androgenic properties without any negative effects like hair loss or acne as steroid DHT does have those kind of side effects associated to it. As a bonus Drostanolone propionate limits estrogen from being produced as well as alpha-5 reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which will provide an extra benefit on your gains.

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How does Drostan-P 100 work?

Drostanolone hormone go into muscle cells and trigger muscle tissue growth. Drostanolone hormone attaches itself onto androgen receptors of the cell membrane and starts to shift signals in order to increase protein synthesis in cells and transport amino acids for proper repair and recovery mechanism. It is similar to testosterone only it doesn’t convert into estrogen, so you can expect strong anabolic effects without any side effects such as water retention or gynocomastia.

Drostan-P 100 dosage:

The recommended dosage is to inject up to 100mg Drostanolone Propionate per week. If you are taking it for cutting phase use 50 mg per week while if you’re taking this steroid for bulking phase, you can take 100mg every 7 days to keep the blood level steady throughout the cycle.

Drostan-P 100 cycles:

Drostanolone Propionate is an off-season steroid that makes good gains in muscle mass and allows you to use high weight when training without experiencing much fatigue because of its strong anabolic nature. The common cycle for athletes who apply this drug is 8 weeks run with 50mg to 100mg per day. As far as cutting phases goes it would be wiser to take lower dosage injected every 5th day or so in order to keep blood level steady. Drostan-P 100 has a long half-life period of up to 3 days, which means it is an injectable steroid with long action that provides steady blood level.

Drostan-P 100 side effects:

The good thing about this steroid with the ability to avoid aromatization into estrogen is the fact that you can expect little to no side effects when applying this product. The only possible negative effect of Drostanolone Propionate would be its progestin nature (similar feel to Deca), which makes it has affinity for progesterone receptor sites in muscle cells. By engaging in such interaction Drostanolone propionate may produce similar side effects like gyno or water retention etc., but they are not common cases if we’re talking about experienced athletes who know how to use supplements properly.

Drostan-P 100 side effects

Product reviews for Drostan-P 100 by Magnum Pharma:

1.    Jhillian Castro (August 1, 2021): Drostanolone propionate is an awesome steroid! It makes nice gains in muscle mass which are very easy to keep when cutting, because you can expect almost no water retention. I inject it in every 5th day to keep blood levels steady which doesn’t give me any bad sides. The best thing about this steroid is that it prevents aromatization into estrogen by producing more testosterone in the body. For people who don’t want to deal with side effects but do want to make decent progress this drug will be perfect.

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2.    Nelson Gomes (August 11, 2021): Drostan-P 100 works perfectly for me at full dose of 50mg injected per week! I’m nearly 40 years old and I enjoy doing exercises 3-4 times a week and taking steroid supplements properly. I prefer this other than running testosterone cycle because it gives me steady blood levels and I can simply avoid aromatization by injecting every 5th day and by using Provironum to minimize side effects with progesterone receptor sites in muscle cells where Drostanolone propionate might have some affinity.

3.    Peter Daley (August 29, 2021): I tried my friend’s advice of adding Nolvadex into the mix for extra protection during his run of 100mg per week, but he told me it wasn’t necessary, so I didn’t bother with it… But after reading your review about Drostanolone propionate being more likely to bind with progesterone receptor sites I think I will start using Nolvadex to cover my back.

4.    Milo Stewart (September 1, 2021): I’m enjoying the results from 50mg per week. It’s my first time trying Drostanolone propionate, and I like the fact that it has low aromatization rate, because I didn’t want to deal with estrogenic side effects. So far so good!

5.    Jordan Littman (September 5, 2021): I think Drostanolone Propionate is an underappreciated steroid. It’s very good for cutting cycles where you’d expect only minimal water retention, so the gains are much easier to keep when bulking season comes along. I also feel that there aren’t enough articles about this product on the internet – because it really deserves more recognition! Thank you, Anabolic Minds! You guys are true professionals..

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6.    Jessie Sanchez (September 7, 2021): All I can say is WOW… Just look at how much progress this guy made in just 6 months while using Magnum Pharma products responsibly. If you’re ready to spend your money wisely then don’t hesitate because their products are all top-notch quality and they deliver what they offer – maximum results!

7.    Connie Mason (September 20, 2021): Drostanolone propionate works very well if you inject it every 5th day for around 3-4 weeks before taking 2 weeks off… But I suggest adding Nolvadex into the mix to make sure your side effects are minimized.

8.    Justin Mans (September 15, 2021): Drostanolone propionate is a very good choice for beginners because it’s affordable and easy to use. I used 50mg per week and experienced a noticeable increase in muscle mass without any side effects.

9.    Rohan Gupte (September 8, 2021): Drostanolone Propionate works well as long as you inject it every 5th day or so… But I’ve noticed if you stop after the 3rd week your blood levels might drop down significantly to the point where you feel lethargic during your next cycle. What I do is keep my cycles going strong with 100mg injected per week.

10. Malin Franklin (September 23, 2021): This is an excellent steroid for beginners because it’s affordable and easy to use. I’m satisfied with my results from 50mg per week, but if you want quicker gains then bumping up your dose to 100mg will make a difference – although be prepared to deal with some side effects

Magnum Pharma’s cutting-edge formula to get you shredded like never before!

Drostan-P 100 is a powerful steroid designed to be used during cutting cycles. When taking the product at its recommended dosages, it can help give you an exquisitely lean cut look while also improving muscle density, hardness and vascularity drastically! Read more about Drostan-E 200

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