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Glossary – Ab


ablation: The use of heat to lesion or destroy some tissue.


absorbable suture:  Suture material that can be placed below the skin that the body will absorb by itself over time.


acupressure: The use of focused pressure points to relieve pain and tension in the body.


acupuncture: The placement of needles in locations over the body’s surface to manipulate the body’s pain system.


allergic: A reaction by the body to foreign material, that may cause various levels of body abnormality.


allograft: A graft material such as bone taken from another individual in the same species.


allowable charge: The amount of money an insurance company prefers to pay its contracted providers for a given procedure. 


analgesic: A medication that relieves pain without producing numbness.


anaphylactic: Severe allergic reaction, that may be life threatening.



1.  General: Medication that tends to produce deep, painless sleep.

2.  Local: Medication that reduces sensation as well as pain.


anesthetic discogram: An injection intended to temporarily block the pain, originating from the annulus of a disc.


aneurysm: An enlargement in a blood vessel, that may expand and rupture.


angiogram: A type of radiologic study for viewing blood vessels, that can include either an injection of intravenous contrast or that may be conducted with out an injection by MRI scanning based on the physical properties of blood flow (MR Angiogram).


ankylosing spondylitis: An auto-immune condition, that can lead to progressive natural fusions of the vertebral bodies and forward angulation of the neck.


anneal: To fuse together, typically applied to a heat-based process and then the spine attempts to repair the annular ligament.


annular tear: A disruption or tear in the annular ring or the annulus fibrosis around the disc space. 


annulus fibrosis: A complex ring of dense fibers that surrounds the nucleus pulposus of a spinal disc.


anterior: Towards the front of the body.


anterior scalene muscle: A muscle running from the lateral processes of the cervical vertebrae to the first rib, that may be injured in a whiplash syndrome and that can compress the nerves of the arm in the brachial plexus.


AP or anterior-posterior X-ray: An X-ray in which the beam is sent from the front of the body to the back, that produces an image as if the body is viewed from the front. 


anti-convulsants: Medications to prevent seizures.


anti-emetics: Medications to prevent nausea or vomiting.


anti-inflammatory: Medication to reduce inflammation or irritation in a tissue.


anti-scarring agents: Medications or implants intended to prevent undesired adhesions and for formation of fibrous tissue or scar – also “adhesiolytic”.


aorta: The largest arterial blood vessel in the body, beginning in the heart and then descending into the low lumbar area.


aquatherapy:  Physical therapy or exercise therapy carried out in a pool of water.

  axons: Elongated portion of a nerve cell that projects from the cell body out toward to the endpoint such as on muscle.

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