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Bulking Muscle BuilderMagnum PharmaReview

Oxandro 10 (Oxandrolone) by Magnum Pharma: Bulking Muscle Builder!

Oxandro 10 is the latest addition to Magnum Pharma’s range of pharmaceutical steroids. The active substance of this oral steroid is Oxandrolone, which was developed in the 1960s by Syntex and has been used for decades as an effective remedy against severe burn injuries. It can be considered a “light” version of Anavar (Oxandrin), one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market.

What is Oxandro 10?

As the name suggests, Magnum Pharma’s oral steroid Oxandro 10 is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), one of the body’s most powerful natural anabolic agents. A testosterone molecule with the hydrogen atom at the 5-alpha reduced position has been removed by adding 2 oxygen atoms. This means that Oxandro 10 does not aromatize, which makes it very interesting for men who want to avoid estrogen related side effects such as gynocomastia or increased blood pressure.

The effects are similar to testosterone but often more significant at lower dosages. Therefore, Oxandro 10 can be used in “low” dosage cycles, where it acts more like an effective steroid than a typical high-dose product.

Oxandro 10

How does Oxandro 10 work?

Oxandro 10 has a strong androgenic component, so men can benefit from an increased libido and beard growth after only a few days. The androgenic strength of Oxandro 10 is not as high as with most testosterone products, though. This makes it particularly interesting for beginners in the world of steroids, since higher dosages do not necessarily result in better results.

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What’s more, Oxandro 10 does not aromatize, which means that risks such as gynecomastia or water retention are minimized. In addition to that, this product lowers SHBG (Sex hormone-binding globulin) levels in the blood. Since SHBG attaches itself to testosterone molecules and therefore reduces their availability for the body’s cells, less SHBG means more testosterone.

In terms of drying out, Oxandro 10 at medium dosages is similar to Dianabol, though generally less effective. Read about NutraOptimized This product has a high fat burning effect due to its ability to reduce SHBG and therefore increase free testosterone levels in the blood.

What is the recommended dosage for Oxandro 10?

We recommend that you start with a standard dosage, 25 mg taken once per day for 20 days. This is equivalent to one 20 ml amp of this product. If no side effects occur and the desired results don’t show after 4 weeks, you can increase the dosage to 50 mg Oxandro 10 per day.

What are the stacking options for Oxandro 10?

In combination with other anabolic steroids, this dose often produces outstanding results when used in “bulking” cycles. Based on product reviews, a stack consisting of 100 mg Proviron and 250 mg Deca Durabolin per week is suitable for this purpose. The intake of Oxandro 10 should end about 8 weeks after the cycle begins, otherwise you risk developing high blood pressure.

What are the side effects of Oxandro 10?

Oxandro 10 is not a particularly toxic product and side effects such as headaches or nausea are very rare. This means that the chance of developing water retention, high blood pressure or gynecomastia is small. However, Oxandro 10 can cause liver damage when taken in high dosages for longer periods of time It’s therefore absolutely crucial to follow dosage recommendations.

reviews for Oxandro 10

Product reviews for Oxandro 10 by Magnum Pharma:

  1. Justin Valdez (June 1, 2021): Good quality stuff. Low water retention…huge plus for me because I’m small and don’t want to get bigger than I already am. Low estrogen so it won’t make you look like a girl. If you’re on the fence just buy it!
  2. Hedge (June 11, 2021): Everything he said is true! Gained around 10 lbs in 2 weeks with this juice!! Highly recommend! I really appreciate my gains with this product.
  3. Dan Lederak (June 21, 2021): I really did not know what to expect when I ordered Oxandro 10 but after starting my first cycle with 20ml over the course of 5 weeks, I can say that these guys at Magnum Pharma are on point. No side effects, no headaches nothing. maybe fatigue here and there but nothing I haven’t felt before with other bulking products. The best part was the red blood cell count increase which made me train even harder and vascular throughout. Most definitely a product worth buying! Meratol
  4. Mr. Cesar (June 28, 2021): I have been using this for about two months now, and it has really helped me put on weight. great product guys!! Keep up the good work!!
  5. Prasad Jeevithaya (July 10, 2021): Not sure how anabolic this is but probably mild. But as far as dry gains go it’s pretty solid especially if you do cardio or at least try to keep your diet clean. No sides from what I can tell so far gonna run it the end of my bulk cycle.
  6. Wanto211 (July 20, 2021): This stuff is great. Gained around 13 lbs over 5 weeks. I’ve tried other bulking products but this one was by far the best.
  7. Justin Enose (July 25, 2021): I’m running the 40ml over the course of 4 months and am very impressed with my results thus far… Ordered some more because i like it so much. I definitely recommend this product to anyone!
  8. Julian Jimz (August 4, 2021): Gains are real. I love it! This product is very good… Gained about 10 pounds in 5 weeks after taking this product… One thing I do not like much is the fact that my testicles shrank a little bit but maybe it’s because i need to be more careful with dosage. Either way thanks Magnum Pharma for your quality products!!
  9. Dalton Smith (August 19, 2021): Good gains over short periods of time. It will give you some bloating if you’re not used to products like this so just be wary. Gave me some acne but nothing that could really stop me from using it. Would definitely recommend and would buy again once my cycle ends.
  10. Chardie Rich (August 21, 2021): I’ve been using it for 4 weeks now. Gained about 13 lbs. Great product guys! It’s everything I hoped for and more!
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Oxandro 10 is a product that will provide you with serious, dry gains!

Oxandro 10 is a product that will provide you with serious, dry gains. If you are looking for something to help you efficiently gain muscle mass without increased water weight or increased estrogen levels, this might be what you have been looking for!

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