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Primo 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) by Magnum Pharma: Experience the power!

Primo 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) is the strongest and most effective steroid ever created and has been produced in France since 1978. It was originally produced by Negma in a small quantity; it is now made by Magnum Pharma. This product has become legendary in bodybuilding circles for its anabolic and rejuvenating effects, and like many legends it is difficult to separate fact from myth when discussing Primo 100. All who have tried this product agree that it is extremely potent, but there are conflicting opinions on whether or not it lives up to all the hype surrounding it.

What is Primo 100?

Primo 100

Primo 100 is the tradename for Methenolone Enanthate. It is a single ester attached to the 17th position, and as such can shift back and forth between two different states of activity. In the bodybuilding world it has been popularized as a bulking agent, but in medical circles it is almost exclusively used as an anti-cancer and AIDS drug (Methandrostenolone). The effects of Primo 100 are similar to those of other steroids, especially Dianabol. However, it may be more effective than Dbol due to its long life in the blood stream–it stays active for about 12 days once injected. This would allow it to show up as a false positive on steroid screens if you are subject to them.

How does Primo 100 work?

Primo 100 is a derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and has the ability to strongly promote protein synthesis. This means it will facilitate muscle growth, while at the same time being highly anabolic. It also seems to have the ability to reduce or completely eliminate body fat in some users. These effects are due primarily to Methenolone’s strong binding affinity for the androgen receptor.

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Primo 100 by itself would not be a very effective bulking agent–it would take daily injections of 500mg or more to get any appreciable gains from this drug. However, when combined with other steroids it can act as a powerful synergist; another example of its effectiveness is seen when in post-cycle therapy (PCT). Primo 100 seems to have the ability to restore much of the lost muscle tissue when other steroids are discontinued, allowing you to quickly jump back into action.

What is the recommended dosage for Primo 100?

Studies looking at the effects of Primo 100 use dosages as high as 400mg per week. However, these amounts must be injected; we should not exceed a maximum dosage of 250mg per week when taking it orally. Read more about Phen24

Primo 100 is normally taken in two separate injections, one in each buttock. This allows the drug to break down slowly and evenly–peak concentrations are reached after about 12 days with maximum benefits lasting up to 6 weeks after the second injection. For even better results some users prefer to alternate between buttock sites for each injection, which will prolong the benefits of this drug.

What can we stack with Primo 100?

Based on product reviews, Primo 100 can be combined with almost any other steroid, but it does best when stacked with Nandrolone or testosterone. A combination of 200mg Primo 100 per week plus 500mg Deca Durabolin per week would provide significant gains in muscle mass while minimizing the likelihood of side effects. This stack could also help restore your natural hormonal levels after a cycle of steroids has reduced them.

What are the potential side effects of Primo 100?

Since Primo 100 is an injected steroid the potential for side effects that are due to elevated estrogen levels does exist. However, it would have to be taken in extremely high dosages to produce these effects–this compound is simply not very estrogenic. The side effects of Primo 100, if any, would most likely manifest themselves as bouts of oily skin or acne. This is especially true if Primo 100 was combined with other steroids which have strong propensity for aromatization (conversion to estrogen) OxiPHEX. Another possible effect might be water retention and bloating; its overall tendency to promote protein synthesis may cause some users to gain a little too much weight.

side effects of Primo 100

Product reviews for Primo 100 by Magnum Pharma:

1.    Martin Garcia (September 1, 2021): I can say that it is an effective product, good size and strength gain. I recommend it to all. I ran it for 15 weeks in my last cycle. Gains were huge like 25 lbs. Gained 8 lbs on bench press too! Just make sure you follow up with your PCT.

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2.    Oscar Perez (September 11, 2021):  I used this with test prop 100mg per week and tren ace 75mg per week). Gained 13lbs of pure muscle mass during the first two weeks then tapered off 10lbs each week after that).

3.    Evan Miller (September 21, 2021): Primo 100 is a great product. I was very surprised with the quality and quantity of gains. Strength went up fast, while the weight gain wasn’t too much. The results were noticeable within one week. Belly fat disappeared, but this could just be from an increase in training intensity and carb reduction.

4.    Shawn Randal (October 1, 2021):  It’s all true! My bench press went from 235-265 lbs in just two weeks! It seems to only work when you take it orally though…I didn’t see any effects when taking IM injections of 100mg every other day for 10 days.

5.    John Pabilonia (September 25, 2021):  This stuff is unreal. I gained 27 lbs of pure muscle in 12 weeks stacking Primo 100 with tren ace 75mg per week, test prop 100mg per week, and d deca 500mg per week.

6.    Javier Cruz (October 2, 2021):  It’s exactly as described! Gaining 10lbs every two weeks on the injections of 50-75 mg was awesome for my strength gains and endurance on heavy lifting days.

7.    Roland Smith (October 3, 2021):  Been taking it orally at about 150-200mg daily for past six months. Gained 8 lbs but lost 3% body fat. Although this gain is not significant to most competitors might be enough to give you an edge.

8.    Irina Posel (October 7, 2021):  Tried it once several years ago for a small cycle of one month with 20mg per day. Gained about 4 lbs which is normal but lost all the gains rather quickly after stopping the medication. It was my personal experience though so can’t say anything bad about Primo 100 itself. My recommendation is to stack it with exemestane to maintain gains if you plan on running Primo 100 for an extended period of time.

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9.    Mathew Stokes (October 11, 2021): I gained 8lbs in just 2 weeks! It seems that this product doesn’t give immediate results but needs at least three weeks before starting with noticeable muscle mass gaining effects, strength and endurance gains as well as fat burning effects. Now, after using it for three months I can confirm that the product works but starts to lose its power slowly after that.

10. Dylan Rogers (October 12, 2021): My strength went up 5% with no noticeable gains in muscle mass. Also, I would recommend if you should stack it with something like winstrol since primo alone isn’t enough to give me a proper lean look that I ultimately want!

Start a new life with Magnum Pharma Primo 100!

Overall, this is a quality product that delivers all the positive effects of steroids but has a minimum risk for negative side effects. Primo 100 by Magnum Pharma proved itself as a powerful anabolic steroid with safe use and strong effectiveness. It gives you visible results in muscle mass gains within two weeks, keeps your strength levels high without adding too much weight and speeds up fat burning process as well as promotes protein synthesis!

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