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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Spine Health

  • Chapter 1. Acute, Chronic, and Recurring: A Quick Tour of Neck & Back Pain
  • Chapter 2. The Nature of Pain and How It Is Treated
  • Chapter 3. Keeping the Spine Healthy: Ergonomics for Life
  • Chapter 4. Renewal without Surgery: Schools of Therapy
  • Chapter 5. Anatomy 101: From Bones, Disks, & Joints To Mind, Muscles, & Nerves
  • Chapter 6. Disks, Spurs, Stenosis; Slippage, and Osteoporosis
  • Chapter 7. Spinal Symptoms: Where Does That Pain Come From?
  • Chapter 8. Accidents of the Embryo: Spina Bifida and Variations at Birth
  • Chapter 9. Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Tests: X-Rays, Electrons, & Magnetic Spin
  • Chapter 10. Recovery and Repair in the Nerves and Spinal Cord


Part II: Spine Surgery

  • Chapter 11. Without an Incision: Percutaneous Procedures for Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Chapter 12. Surgery: Before, During, & After – Common Elements You Should Know About
  • Chapter 13. Surgery to Take Pressure off the Nerves
  • Chapter 14. Surgery Inside the Spinal Dural Lining
  • Chapter 15. Spine Carpentry: History & Principles of Rebuilding the Broken Spine
  • Chapter 16. Fixing the Cervical Spine: Surgical Approaches for the Neck
  • Chapter 17. Thoracic Spine Operations: The Surgical Approaches to Mid – & Upper Back Problems
  • Chapter 18. Lumbar Implants & Fusion: Major Surgeries for the Low Back
  • Chapter 19. Genes, Designer Proteins & Biomaterials: The Role of Biotechnology in Spinal Surgery
  • Chapter 20. Risks, Outcomes, and Choices
  • Chapter 21. Recovery after Surgery
  • Chapter 22. Health Insurance and the Cost of Surgery
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